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Pilot Information, ESSW

Contact Västerviks Airport PPR

Ralph Löfberg.
Cellphone 070-3982730. E-mail:

Airport position/ elevation

4 NM (7 Km), NW Västervik.
129 FT MSL. Position: 574642,16N. 0163131,40E.

Radio communication

Västervik Radio: 131,615 MHz.

Sweden Information: 127,530 Mhz.

Runway lights

Pilot controlled lighting. Use carrierwave 131,615 for 20 s. RWY 15/33 APAPI.

Runway length and width

RWY 15/33 Asphalt 1199 m x 30 M Magnetic heading. 146˚/ 326˚. Magnetic heading. 146˚/ 326˚.

Threshold RWY 33 displaced 300 m.


Automat VISA/ Mastercard.
Avgas 100LL.
Jet A1.

Nearest largest object.

Mast 4,7 Nm 222˚, 1400 ft MSL.

Other information

Snow removal is provided at unregulated times. Check before flight. Wild animals in the vicinity.

Information status

The content in this document is not approved for flight planning purposes.

Please consult AIP, Maps, Notam and other relevant publications.

Noise sensitive areas

Avoid overflying built up areas or farm houses when possible.

Sweden AIP

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